It can be challenging to reach your friends in a large crowd. Your phone signal is weak, your messages won’t be sent, or the music is too loud to hear. Nothing is worse than not being able to meet your friends at your chosen meeting spot.

If you have ever found yourself in such a situation, this is what you do. Totem poles at music festivals are fun and creative. They can also be an excellent way to be noticed in the crowd. After attending so many festivals, I have seen so many unique rave totems that I was inspired to create my own. This guide will show you how to create a rave totem pole.

How to make a Totem Pole for Music Festivals

  1. Create Base
  2. Make the Head
  3. Make It Stand Out
  4. The Base of the Totem

A sturdy base is essential for every Totem. You have many options when choosing the floor for your Totem. These include wooden dowels from craft shops, mini flagpoles, telescoping poles, PVC pipes, and even wooden dowels. I used the keyword “telescoping” to search for a bar online. A stick with telescoping is the best because it makes transporting and carrying your Totem easier, especially if your Totem is flying. It was about 2 feet when folded and 4 feet when extended. This was the right choice for me. It was lightweight and long enough to fit in my luggage. It was also very affordable at $9.

  1. Making the Head of the Totem

This was my first attempt at making a totem. There were many options. I wanted something simple and eye-catching, so I chose an animal totem. Totem animals are relatively simple for a first totem. Therefore, I found an image of a cute puppy and did some photoshop to prepare for this dog festival.

The image was saved, and I searched for places to make large posters of it. OfficeMax provided a low-cost option, printing my photo on large posters (18″x24″) for $15. It was impressive for its size, especially considering the price.

I pasted the poster image onto a piece I had cut from cardboard. I glued the poster to the cardboard. I made a strap from cardboard scraps to attach to the totem pole. This could be easily removed for transport.

The result of my first Totem was terrific. It was prominent and easy to transport and disassemble for travel, which met all my needs.

    2. Make Your Totem Pole Stand out

I needed LED lights to light up my totem pole, so I ordered some from Amazon. They were waterproof and battery-operated, which was great.

They were added to the edges of my Totem to make it brighter and more lit!

Here are some additional tips to make your Totem stand out!

Festival totems are great for showing off your creativity so use this opportunity! You will be able to take more photos of your totem pole the more creative it is. You have many options to make your Totem stand out: glitter, faux flowers, and lights, as well as stuffed animals and jewels.

There are so many options! You can find tons of products at your local craft shop to help you take your Totem to new heights. You can find inspiration by looking at other people’s totems using hashtags on social media.

My first rave totem was a great experience. It allowed me to express my creativity. Festivals enable people to be themselves. Get creative! You can make a festival totem out of your favorite meme or image. Someone may be there to see it or take photos. You can find my Totem at Electric Zoo or Bass Canyon. Could you stop by to say hello, and let’s headbang?

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